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Diane & Randy Play For VFW

The Outreach and Community Engagement Program recently supported music artists Diane Marie and Randy Lane with Side of the Road Shows, who in turn shared their music with the veterans at San Diego’s Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Diane and Randy delivered a memorable three-hour music performance, offering a blend of upbeat originals and beloved covers spanning from the 60s to contemporary hits. Side of the Road Shows incorporated “sensory” and “active” interventions, encouraging audience participation by providing percussion instruments for attendees to join in the musical experience.

The atmosphere at the VFW was vibrant and inclusive, with smiles adorning the faces of all who attended as they listened and actively engaged with the performance. Diane Marie and Randy Lane’s inviting demeanor encouraged veterans to sing, dance, and immerse themselves in the enjoyment of the moment.

Playing the percussion instruments underscores the therapeutic benefits of music-making, offering a form of self-expression and stress relief. Collaborative music-making fosters teamwork and camaraderie, serving as a therapeutic outlet for individuals grappling with mental health challenges or feelings of isolation.

For veterans, in particular, music holds profound healing potential. This outreach initiative recognizes the power of music as a therapeutic tool, capable of alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, reducing pain, and enhancing overall mood and well-being, instilling a sense of joy and belonging.

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