Educating and Advancing Humanity One Story After Another


Focusing in on the Visual and Music Industry

America Film Foundation (AFF) is a (501c3)(509a2) non-profit foundation on a quest to share globally American values, freedom, equality, and justice for all. AFF advances and advocates for social justice and educational equity through multicultural education, educating the world about our fundamental democratic values by creating and supporting literary and filmed content that gives a positive human example of civility and kindness, driving us to understand each other no matter what culture.

AFF is charitable to those who have been great examples, who have American stories showcasing the best of America’s culture and history. We want to preserve America’s most significant achievements fostering an environment where philanthropy can thrive and advocate for the humanities. It’s all about listening and sharing the voices not heard.

Through our Programs, we want to establish a norm to offer opportunities for gifted artists of all types by educating them in a diverse curriculum of techniques and mediums and marrying the commerce and sustainable side to art and business. The commercial artist creates media that can enrich the lives of millions in multiple industries.

Here at the America Film Foundation (AFF), this time of year is always a period of reflection. Our efforts are to amplify and advocate for independent storytelling and for the artist to learn sustainability and entrepreneurship. We look to artists to inspire and inform, spark conversation and foster dialogue, reflect the world around us, bring new perspectives to light, and invest in artists who tell valuable stories.

We are looking to partner with the National Endowment for the Humanities to create the Humanities Sustainability Fellowship to help inspire storytellers media makers and provide these artists with mentorship and professional opportunities. We hope this will seed projects that will elevate, explore, and protect democratic principles, contribute to the public discourse, and lead to new learnings about the potential of this type of funding.

Thank you for building with us and for being part of this community.