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“Moon Over Sorrento” Living with Cancer

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We are raising funds to produce MOON OVER SORRENTO film about Living with Cancer, a beautiful story about the dynamics of dealing with a family member who has brain cancer. This project highlights the need to find new cures and educate families to choose the loving path under the stress of a family dealing with the dynamics of having someone with cancer in the family. You can see more at:

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MOON OVER SORRENTO is a quirky comedic drama about a spirited family centered around Monica, a wife to Roger, and mother to Sarah and Nikki, and their lovable chihuahua Rocco. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, instead of falling into depression, she fights to stay positive and becomes the pillar of strength and resilience, bringing the family closer to coping with the new reality.


 MOON OVER SORRENTO is a beautiful story about the dynamics of dealing with a family member who has brain cancer. This project highlights the need to find new cures.


MOON OVER SORRENTO is special to me due to my partner, Marie Cooper of October Pro Films, and Cynthia, her friend, who soon became my friend. Unfortunately, we recently lost Cynthia because of her battle with a brain tumor. However, I found that Marie and Cynthia inspired me to write about how life is precious, how we can change for the better, how we need to find a cure for brain tumors, how important it is for solid family values, and to have your faith.


MOON OVER SORRENTO is a dramatic journey about a spirited family centered around Monica, a wife to Roger Collins, a mother to Sarah and Nikki, and their buddy, the lovable chihuahua Rocco. Aside from being that great mother and wife, Monica has always wanted to be a dress designer but never did because she was busy with the two kids and her husband. Now, the kids are grown. She has her sights set on designing her niece’s wedding dress for her upcoming marriage in Sorrento, Italy. However, Monica is feeling faint and has nausea — often. So she sees a doctor –and is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet, this funny Italian-American lady keeps her faith, fights to stay positive, strong, and resilient, and forges ahead and finishes the wedding dress. Her husband cuts into his busy business schedule, understands his pitfalls, and starts spending time with the family. He buys the tickets to Sorrento, and the family comes together to make the trip to see the MOON OVER SORRENTO.

Monica, a vibrant woman in her forties, juggled the roles of a dedicated mother and wife. Her heart brimmed with excitement as she embarked on a mission to finalize the family trip to Sorrento, Italy. Her enthusiasm, however, was dimmed by Roger, her husband, whose relentless work schedule and lack of appreciation strained their marriage.
Roger, a successful financier, was constantly engulfed in his professional commitments, leaving Monica yearning for his presence and support. Despite his occasional redeeming gestures, their relationship suffered a growing chasm, exacerbated by Roger’s preoccupation.

Their eldest daughter, Nikki, in her twenties, mirrored Monica’s vitality but was engulfed in inner turmoil. A perpetual conflict brewed between Nikki and her mother, rooted in the strain within their family unit. Nikki’s carefree facade belied her profound distress over her parents’ strained relationship, her longing for stability tinged with rebellion.

In stark contrast, Sarah, their younger daughter, exuded composure beyond her years. Driven by academic pursuits, she navigated college life with diligence, her aspirations overshadowed by the familial discord. Despite her stoic demeanor, Sarah grappled with conflicting emotions, torn between blossoming affection for Marco, a young Italian-American with ambitious dreams, and the looming shadow of her mother’s illness.
Marco, with his infectious zeal and determination, pursued Sarah relentlessly. His passion for her was matched only by his aspirations to elevate his family’s wine business. As their budding romance unfolded, Marco became Sarah’s beacon of hope amidst the turbulent seas of familial strife.

Amidst the turmoil, Monica found solace in the unwavering support of Alexa, her vivacious confidante and fellow real estate agent. Alexa’s steadfast presence and boundless energy provided Monica with a lifeline amidst the chaos, her friendship proving indispensable in the face of adversity.

Meanwhile, Nikki found solace in Leo, her enigmatic confidant whose unwavering support provided her with a sanctuary amidst the storm. Bound by a deep camaraderie, Leo remained Nikki’s steadfast ally, his unwavering presence offering solace in the face of uncertainty.

As Monica embarked on her journey towards healing, guided by the steadfast support of Dr. Roberts, her path intertwined with Christoff, Roger’s business partner. Initially, at odds, Christoff’s perception of Roger evolved as he witnessed the depth of his struggles, forging an unexpected bond rooted in empathy and understanding.

Amidst the idyllic backdrop of Sorrento’s sun-kissed shores amidst the serenade of the Mediterranean breeze, the intricacies of love, loss, and redemption unfolded. Through trials and tribulations, Monica and her family navigated the tumultuous seas of life, their journey a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love.

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