Educating and Advancing Humanity One Story After Another


Our focus at the America Film Foundation is to create filmed events that seamlessly integrate our diverse programs to champion social change and prevent homelessness. We are deeply committed to promoting diversity and social consciousness, a dedication that is at the heart of our Advocacy and Awareness Program. By combining this with the Education Program’s provision of crucial skills and opportunities, we empower marginalized individuals and amplify their voices. Our Film Festival Program and Media Production Program celebrate the power of storytelling, fostering community engagement and economic empowerment through the inclusion of underserved creators. Meanwhile, the Music and Visual Arts Program and Outreach Program offer essential support and therapeutic resources, ensuring that artists can thrive and inspire. Together, these programs create a multifaceted platform that not only highlights pressing social issues but also drives tangible, positive change in the film and music industry and beyond.


QR Code us your contribution so we can continue to spread the love. Our community of artists and those experiencing the possibility of losing their residence merge in our mission to empower artists and prevent homelessness.