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America Film Foundation (AFF) is a 501c3 and 509a2 non-profit foundation on a quest to share globally American values, educating through media arts the best of America’s culture and history, fostering an environment where philanthropy can thrive and advocate for the humanities.


Music Festival

Diane Marie and Randy Lane at the VFW

We have granted Diane of funds for three shows to have them play music for the veterans at San Diego’s Veterans... Read More
Art Gallery Media Production

Sculptress, Poet, and Writer

Linda King was raised in the small scenic town of Boulder, Utah, where her Grandfather was one of the... Read More
Media Production

Moon Over Sorrento

501c3 Qualification Moon Over Sorrento qualifies within the 501c3 non-profit America Film Foundation’s mission to educate and advance humanity... Read More
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Vienna Arts Society

Formed in 1969, the Vienna Arts Society’s purpose is to enrich our community through the arts. We currently show... Read More
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The Art of Research

While some dilly-dally, others work at it hard using the tools you need. Basic essentials are here at least... Read More


Here at the America Film Foundation (AFF), this time of year is always a period of reflection. Our efforts are to amplify and advocate for independent storytelling and for the artist to learn sustainability and entrepreneurship. We look to artists to inspire and inform, spark conversation and foster dialogue, reflect the world around us, bring new perspectives to light, and invest in artists who tell valuable stories. Helping filmmakers and cultivating artists with funds, mentorship, and professional opportunities will help seed projects that elevate, explore, and contribute to positive public discourse.

Thank you for building with us and for being part of this community.  Here are the programs that can foster those voices:

AFF Institute

The AFF Institute aims to establish an educational opportunity for artists to teach them how to have a sustainable career as a commercial artist. Not only do you need to evolve as an artist, but it is also necessary to become sustainable. Therefore, we want to offer a program that educates how to be a commercial artist understanding the importance of collaboration, marketing, digital tools, the balance of client fulfillment, and entrepreneurship. Knowing how to make money is essential to sustain your quest.

AFF Gallery

AFF Gallery is about finding clients for painters, photographers, and sculpturists. It’s a way to offer a place to showcase artists’ works, to establish events, and auctions, to establish a way to sell the art they have created.

AFF Film Festival

AFF Film Festival is about showcasing filmmakers’ work about stories of all diverse backgrounds that revolve around culture in America. It’s a place that allows filmmakers to share their work with the world where film licensing could ignite, which offers the opportunity for those filmmakers to make money and continue to do more projects for years to come.

AFF Media Production

AFF Media Production is about curating the great stories that make up our nation’s culture. Once accepted as a qualifying story and funded, we will produce those stories in the location where the film’s storyline takes place, not only to support the local artist’s community but to show the good we have in “Everytown USA.” Upon completion of the production, we will distribute these values globally, educating through media arts “the best of America’s culture and history.”

AFF Music Festival

AFF Music Festival is for the singers and musicians looking for a leg up. Music is a passion for many, and creating a venue is vital for their spirit. We want to be there for them and help to establish an opportunity for them to perform at venues and events.


Singers and musicians send links to your music. America Film will market your collection for free. Click Join now! to get to our contact template.