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Our Mission

Empowering artists and preventing homelessness, educating and advancing humanity, one story after another, America Film (501c3), a foundation (AFF), is dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape and fostering creative expression through the power of music and the visual arts. Creative imagination transcends boundaries and illuminates new perspectives. The protection of arts and humanities in America embodies the freest form of democracy and safeguards our cultural heritage for future generations. Through America Film's programs, we are empowering artists and preventing homelessness in a collaborative effort to cultivate the arts and humanities, as well as innovation, amplifying the message of avoiding homelessness.


Music and Visual Arts Program

A Journey Towards Dignity and Respect

Sammy's story reminds us of supporting those in need, especially as they age. It is up to us to... Read More
Outreach Program

Diane & Randy Play For VFW

The Outreach and Community Engagement Program recently supported music artists Diane Marie and Randy Lane with Side of the... Read More
Media Production Program

Linda King and Charles Bukowski

Film Production Program play a crucial role in preserving the legacies of iconic artists and writers like Charles Bukowski... Read More
Media Production Program

“Moon Over Sorrento” Living with Cancer

501c3 Qualification Moon Over Sorrento qualifies within the 501c3 non-profit America Film Foundation’s mission to educate and advance humanity... Read More

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