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Our Mission

Welcome to America Film 501c3 and 509a2, a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating how to have a career in the arts and sharing great American values through the media arts using four important programs: Care and Living, Education, Media Production, and Music Therapy.

Our mission is to educate audiences worldwide about America's rich culture and history, emphasizing the importance of humanities in fostering a better understanding of our society historically and in the future.

In the name of historical value, "America Film" now! Preserve our diverse culture. Tell the world our great stories.


Care & Living

Sammy 87 Young

Sammy's story reminds us of supporting those in need, especially as they age. It is up to us to... Read More
Music Therapy

Diane & Randy Play For VFW

Side of the Road Shows, a community outreach partner that brings value to our Music Therapy Program, which they... Read More
Education Media Production

Sculptress, Poet, and Writer

Linda King was raised in the small scenic town of Boulder, Utah, where her Grandfather was one of the... Read More
Media Production

“Moon Over Sorrento” Living with Cancer

501c3 Qualification Moon Over Sorrento qualifies within the 501c3 non-profit America Film Foundation’s mission to educate and advance humanity... Read More

America Film Foundation Programs

At the America Film Foundation (AFF), our efforts are to amplify and advocate for independent storytelling. And to educate artists on how to be sustainable and entrepreneurial. It's all about investing in artists who tell valuable stories with funds, mentorship, and professional opportunities to help seed projects that elevate, explore, and contribute to positive public discourse. We urge philanthropists and governments to join us in this effort to promote the best of America's culture and history through media arts.


The Education Program aims to establish an educational opportunity for artists to teach them how to have a sustainable career as a commercial artist.

Care and Living

The Care and Living Program focuses on the elderly who have made it their quest to follow their dreams in the Visual and Music Industry, and some find themselves in need of help, having an insufficient amount of funds in their later years.

Media Production

The Media Production Program is about producing great family entertainment that educates and keeps us positive. Together, we can build a more just and equitable world through the power of positive storytelling.

Music Therapy

The Music Therapy Program is two fold, one for the singers and musicians and the other for those who can benefit from Music Therapy, proven to be vital for their spirit, for their mental health.

Join us now to preserve America's great industries of art and culture.
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