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America Film Foundation (AFF) is a 501c3 and 509a2 non-profit foundation on a quest to share globally American values, educating through media arts the best of America’s culture and history, fostering an environment where philanthropy can thrive and advocate for the humanities.

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Sculptress, Poet, and Writer

Linda King was raised in the small scenic town of Boulder, Utah, where her Grandfather was one of the... Read More
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Moon Over Sorrento

501c3 Qualification Moon Over Sorrento qualifies within the 501c3 non-profit America Film Foundation’s mission to educate and advance humanity... Read More
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Vienna Arts Society

Formed in 1969, the Vienna Arts Society’s purpose is to enrich our community through the arts. We currently show... Read More
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Beauty of Virginia

The beauty of Virginia is unique and diverse. A wild landscape with to appreciate as far as the eye can... Read More
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Love for Food

Finding the source can start in your garden. You’d be surprised how much you can grow and how substantial... Read More