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Grant Recipient

If you are interested in becoming a recipient of any one of our programs’ grants, please email us the following and their answers.

  1. Brief introduction about yourself?
  2. Summarize your proposal’s key elements?
  3. What is the project’s purpose or problem it addresses?
  4. What are the expected outcomes and your approach?
  5. What makes your project significant?
  6. What gap or need does your project address?
  7. Include relevant data or a literature review?
  8. Project Description (Project Narrative/Goals/Objectives/Methodology)?
  9. Define the goals or research questions?
  10. Detail methods and strategies to achieve outcomes?
  11. How will achievements be measured?
  12. Provide a detailed budget in table or figure format?

Answer and EMAIL US the 12 Points

Restrictions and Limitations

Application restrictions and limitations will be determined by the answers to the questions.


The application deadline is set at the beginning of each quarter:
Q1 (First Quarter): January 1st
Q2 (Second Quarter): April 1st
Q3 (Third Quarter): July 1st
Q4 (Fourth Quarter): October 1st

Due to the nature of resources and time, we limit ourselves to what we can fulfill. If you are still waiting for a response or your project has not been chosen to be reviewed in more detail this quarter, please try again next quarter.